Welcome, please heed stray bullets and gang tensions…


When it comes to translating, we can use the metaphor of guns.

A light, fast-fire gun has a lot of recoil. It ends up shooting a high number of bullets very quickly (Tittayys! and Pervs!), to cover as many riders of the opposite crew as possible. Only problem be, in the ghetto if there’s lots of high-rises and project buildings (eg. Bed Stuy, THE Projects), there’s gonna be a lot of peripheral spraying upwards into homie’s cribs and innocent lil niqqa’s running around trying to get their homework did are gonna get got.

This is similar to a lot of the ebonics and ghetto translators out there, high volume, high speed- but in the end, it’s all over the place. The changes from the english to the ghetto and ebonics are haphazard, and ends up illegible and frankly, non-convincing. This is not our translator.

What we’ve done here is similar to lowering the recoil- adding weight, for greater accuracy. Like with a heavier gun, a larger barrel means less recoil and faster dropping back down (thanks to gravity, for this and many things) return to the aimed position. The gun shoots somewhat slower, takes it time and may hit 5 bloods or crips dead on per clip. There aint no getting away, but you gotta pick yo targets . [If your heart didn't break just then, please go find a soul before using our translator. Gangster or no.] This is equivalent to a larger and heavier weapon- the weight is balanced around the handle to keep things more accurate for every bullet/slug/spray you fire.

That is not our translator.

Our translator fires like a mothafucking semi-automatic AA shotgun, presented here by this swagged out russian motherfucker. Doing the ebonic language, the ghetto blaster style-talk, the gangster, afro-american libel the right words to communicate with respective accuracy and convincingness. There is MAD power in every English to Ghetto ™ translate. Ebonics is its own, amazing language- impacted by violence, a sect of society that rose up from great perils of slavery and gradually moved into cities over the decades gone by. Protection was important.

The ebonic own way of speaking protected the culture from any more intrusion by squares, crooked cops, and anybody who don’t really fit in smoothly in our hood or lifestyle here. With violence, drugs, alcoholism conveniently provided by the corporate-influence armament stores, liquor stores, and crack at every corner. The ghetto version of ‘crack’ actually got, and still gets, more jail time than the exact same chemical compound in different forms that rich people could afford. Rich people who don’t live in the ghetto. PUU-LEASE I aint even frontin . So of course, police come in our hood and lock up our addicted brothahs and sistahs, with pains left to bear- in the past and present, holding out for some bright future. Who put them there? Some would say the government … To keep the people down. I say, we rose above it .


Follow our page, help us turn our translator into a goddamn fear-engraining drone-gun .

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***WE by no means encourage gang violence, gun use, or any forms of violence or racial slander with the use of our translator- we just sayin, there’s factors that come into play. We want you to talk the way we talk. Roll out.

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